Own your school & club photography & raise funds at the same time! 




Ownership of all your images

Raise money for your school or group

Easy to set up and use

Share your fundraising progress

PhotoPilot is the fundraising & photography platform that gives schools and clubs ownership of their individual and group photography. It's easy to use, and raises funds for the school at the same time!

"Working with PhotoPilot was an excellent way to have total control over the photos we were able to offer our community. The team were really accommodating and flexible to our wishes. Their product allowed families to order just what they wanted and to save money in the process too. For the school we were able to use the platform as an excellent fundraiser. A winner all round, thank you so much."

Matt Stockton, Principal - Whatawhata School

See how easy PhotoPilot is to use


Control what products are available and set prices to raise funds for your community. Funds are deposited directly to your bank account. Customers can purchase online & have prints delivered or pick up in store.

PhotoPilot is free to trial. Contact our friendly team today to arrange a demo and see just how easy group photos can be!

School Photography NZ


No more photo sets - prints can be purchased individually at low cost, and delivered directly to your customers at home!


Control over products & prices in a modern simple interface - making it easy to raise money!

Start raising money for your school or group today!

Our friendly team are always happy to help - if you have any questions or would like to book at demo of PhotoPilot contact us here.

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