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How long does it take to get setup on PhotoPilot?

Setup can be completed within 1 business day.

What is the cost to use PhotoPilot?

There are two options for pricing. Customers can choose either the Independent or Concierged option. For customers using the Independent option, where they manage the uploading of data & organise their own photographer from our preferred roster of suppliers, the cost is $1 per student per school. For a school with 150 students, the fee to Photopilot would be $150.00. With this option, our team are always on hand for support. For the Concierged option, our expert team will assist you with the entire process from organising the photoshoot & photographer, to the uploading and sorting of all imagery & set up of products and email templates for an additional fee. To find out more about this option & the price for your school, please contact our team who will be happy to help.

I have started setup and need some help to finish - who do I contact?

The best place to start is to check our extensive knowledge base articles where we have created step by step process notes for setting up, and how to manage your shoot & subjects. If you are still stuck, you can also contact our team who can assist you with any specific queries.

How do I select a photographer?

The best place to start is our preferred list of photographers in your area. We can recommend photographers who have worked with us before. If you are using the Independent option, you simply contact the photographer and arrange the photoshoot date at a time that suits you directly with them.

How do I know what prices to set for commission on top of the print price?

We are predominantly a fundraising platform - providing a way for schools and clubs to take ownership of their individual and group photography & raise funds from the printing of photos. It is entirely up to you what price is set above and beyond the cost of printing. There is no markup on the cost of printing in PhotoPilot so the cost you see is what it would cost to print in store at Warehouse Stationary or other stores. Any commission on top of this price goes directly to the school, via your nominated bank account. There are no extra fees to PhotoPilot.

Why was PhotoPilot created?

Every year, schools and clubs take individual and group photographs and there is often very little choice available to them. PhotoPilot was created so that schools can take ownership of their photographs, have more flexibility in what they provide and raise some funds along the way. School communities get great photographs of their children and the school gets a portion of the proceeds. Perfect!

Who can use PhotoPilot?

PhotoPilot is perfect for all of your traditional individual or group photography needs – children’s portraits, class or team photos or corporate headshots. But it’s got lots of other great uses as well! You could use it to upload and distribute any photographs you’d like to share with your school, organisation or community. This includes school trip photographs, sporting events, learning journals – anything where you think your community will be interested in a digital or printed copy of an image.

How can I make sure I get the best quality photographs?

Choosing a good photographer is always the starting point for creating good photographs. We recommending choosing a professional photographer who has the correct camera, lights and equipment to create a quality result. We have a list of photographers we recommend, so please contact us if you require help or a checklist of what to consider when arranging your photoshoot.

Where are the photos printed?

Our photographs are printed via the Warehouse Stationery network of stores. If your setup is for bulk delivery the photographs will be printed in one Warehouse Stationary store, and sent to the address specified.

What products are available? Can I get prints laminated?

Yes laminated photos are just one of the many photo sizes and options we have available. If your school community is used to receiving laminated class photographs it may be helpful to remind parents to choose a laminated print when they make their orders. When you set up your account, you upload a copy of your logo which can then be added to any of our photo templates. You can also customise the template colours to suit your school or brand colours.

How do schools raise funds with PhotoPilot? How much money can we raise?

PhotoPilot is completely flexible. While the cost of printing photographs is fixed at very reasonable rates, schools have the ability to set their own fundraising component of photography prices. This makes it very clear and transparent what parents and whanau are contributing to the school when they purchase. The amount each school will raise will depend on the prices they set and the number of photos their school community purchases.

How are my images stored safely?

When you create a set of photographs in PhotoPilot, each child’s information is linked only to the photographs that include them. The school emails out a unique code to each parent/caregiver associated with the child in their student management system. This unique code allows parents to log on and see ONLY the photographs of their own child/children.

What are the options for products in the webshop? Is there a minimum order or pack required to purchase?

The webshop products can be tailore to suit each vendor differently. Customers aren’t limited to expensive or restrictive packs of photos. Each person making an order can choose the size, finish and number of photographs they want to purchase. They can even choose to purchase digital downloads only if required.

Can I use PhotoPilot to fundraise for other things?

Yes absolutely. PhotoPilot is built to be completely flexible so that it can be used for any fundraising activity. Anything you want to sell can be sold via PhotoPilot. You could use PhotoPilot for selling tickets to events, calendars, meat packs, or even for kids to buy sausage sizzle items! Please contact us if you have something you would like to sell via PhotoPilot and our friendly team will be happy to help with set-up & any customisation.

How are payments collected?

Payments are all handled via PhotoPilot’s secure payment platform. As part of setting up their account, each school provides their bank account details. Then, when a parent makes a purchase, a portion of the purchase price goes to the printer for printing and delivery, and the fundraising portion of the purchase comes directly to the school. Schools do not need to collect money from parents.

I have a problem with my order, who can help me?

Please contact our team at support@photopilot.co.nz who will be happy to help!